Banggai Islands Journey Suggestions & Itinerary For Sulawesi Indonesia


The Banggai room in Sulawesi is just one atlanta divorce attorneys of Indonesia’s many underrated areas to journey, with a huge blue pond called Paisupok and various great problems to see as well as seashores, caverns, waterfalls, and wildlife.

It is an enormous room that has three completely different regencies — Banggai, Banggai isles, and Banggai Laut — therefore it’s a little additional hard than checking out various areas in Sulawesi. My partner is Indonesian to ensure that assisted instead plenty.

We went to the Banggai countries separately, organizing our private hotels and transportation for each and every action associated with the trip, which blog publish will simplify methods to also. I’ll in addition share some connections for indigenous guides if you want to engage in a bunch or do an individual trip to really make it easier.

Both strategy, Banggai has many great places therefore’s effortlessly appreciate a chance to whenever you’re currently preparing a call to Sulawesi. The following’s our trip information!


Banggai isles Itinerary Day 1: Luwuk To Peleng

• Fly To Luwuk

This schedule when it comes to Banggai countries starts and leads to Luwuk, which can be a city around 35,000 people in main Sulawesi.

There tend to be direct routes to your Luwuk airport (LUW) from Makassar in Southern Sulawesi, or Manado in North Sulawesi. Usually, you can lease a driver and get overland to Luwuk from Ampana after browsing Togean countries, which can be another great place to attend in Sulawesi.

whenever you’re traveling to Luwuk from Bali, Jakarta, or other invest Indonesia, then you definitely definately’ll must transit in Makassar or Manado along the way by which to Luwuk. You could store for routes on Skyscanner.

Pantai Mandel Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Mandel Seashore — it’s quite likely the best seashore in the Banggai countries!


• make the Ferry To Peleng

once you get to Luwuk, you can use the public ferry from Luwuk people’s Port (‘Pelabuhan Rakyat’) to Leme Leme on Peleng area. It departs daily at 2 PM together with trip takes 2 hours, though it usually will leave one hour belated (for example. Indonesian plastic time).

Tickets could be bought at that moment for 54k Rupiah (~$3 USD) per person. Its an enormous timber vessel that holds about 50 to 100 people, and contains bunks and benches to lay on, nonetheless they’re not to comfortable. If you’d like additional privateness, you can rent a tiny space for just two people which includes bunk-beds and an admirer. This rates one more 50k Rupiah per space.

Alternatively, you can prepare a speedboat to just take you to many of the best places on Peleng area, as well as Paisu Pok Lake & Poganda Seashore. If that’s the case, your way takes 1 or 2 hours from Luwuk, and you’ll usually see dolphins within strategy over.

A time trip with an individual speedboat similar to this may set you once more anywhere from 1.5 to 4 million Rupiah (~$100 to $250 USD) when it comes to roundtrip, therefore it’s maybe not affordable, however it surely’s quicker compared to the ferry therefore might actually be cost-effective in certain situations whenever you’re touring with colleagues to generally share the vessel worth.

No matter if you decide on the ferry or speedboat, the sea might be extremely peaceful between Luwuk and Peleng area, and so I wouldn’t rely on waves to ever before be problematic for crossing in regular problems.

Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok Banggai Sulawesi Indonesia

Paddleboating on Paisu Pok Lake


• retain in one time In Peleng

By the purpose we found its way to Peleng, it absolutely was currently earlier 5 PM together with solar power had been establishing. We’d already been nervous going see Paisu Pok Lake, nonetheless there was clearlyn’t adequate time remaining inside our first-day.

We remained the night at Novpitri Homestay, which can be real because of the harbor in Leme Leme. The areas are major, with an admirer, squat restroom, chilly liquid container for baths, and electricity from around 6 PM to six AM.

They exclusively get one air-conditioned space, therefore it’s a great advice to steer this upfront if you want it. They’re steady to respond on WhatsApp even if you converse Indonesian. Don’t rely on luxurious regarding the homestay, but when you’re completely checking out all the time it is beneficial. We currently understood this can be the roughest spot we’d carry on our Banggai trip, therefore two evenings below had been no downside.

The standard charge is 180k Rupiah per night when it comes to A/C space, or 120k when it comes to lover space. Hopefully they’ll include mosquito nets rapidly. Family members had been helpful and prepared dinner for people, that has been in addition extremely affordable and great: rice, vegetables, omelets, deep-fried tofu, and rooster.

If you intend to hold nearer to your Paisu Pok Lake, you will find a number of extremely major homestays in the Luk Panenteng town, which can be real because of the pond. Whenever you keep indeed there, you can walk to your pond and swim daily.

Earlier than gonna mattress, we arranged a scooter leasing through the homestay therefore we might spend after time visiting the pond together with seashore. They would it prepared and prepared for people because of the point we went along to rest!

Pantai Mandel Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Banggai features many small private seashores similar to this one near to Mandel Seashore.


Banggai Itinerary Day 2: western Peleng Island

• Paisu Pok Lake

Paisu Pok Lake is an excellent blue pond on Peleng area, therefore’s one of the many main shows associated with the Banggai room.

You may rent a tiny vessel, canoe, or standup paddleboard for examining the pond, or perhaps you’ll have the ability to swim and snorkel with it. The pond features many of the bluest liquid I’ve ever before seen. It’s merely of the same quality given that it seems in the photos.

Paisupok is a-1 time drive from Leme Leme as a consequence of some the different parts of the highway tend to be damaged and it’s really recommended to decelerate to mix all of them properly. There’s little if any site visitors traveling therefore’s easy to locate the pond.

I had written a complete trip blog submit about our check-out to Paisupok, with many tips and photos, that you can decide to try in the hyperlink beneath.

Learn Additional: Paisu Pok Lake

Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok

Paisu Pok Lake features acutely blue-water.

Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok Banggai Sulawesi Indonesia Drone

Drone view of Paisupok Lake


• Paisu Batango

The subsequent cease on Peleng area is simply slightly lagoon called Paisu Batango, which can be a 5 moment drive through the pond. On maps it is marked as ‘Luk Tub Panenteng.’

The subject Paisu Batango indicates ‘trunk liquid’ or ‘water from a tree trunk area’ as the lagoon is provided by a pure springtime. Unfortunately the residents make use of this location for washing and cleansing their particular clothes with detergent, which messes within the readability associated with the liquid a little.

The chilly springtime liquid features a nice turquoise color although much deeper facet of the lagoon blends with sodium liquid through the sea.

Paisu Batango

Paisu Batango


• Poganda Seashore

The 3rd destination to check-out in Peleng area is a white sand seashore called Pantai Poganda, which can be around midway between Leme Leme together with pond. From Paisupok, it is just a 30 small drive.

It is a peaceable seashore with peaceful liquid and hand wood, therefore’s a fantastic area for snorkeling. We’d already been surprised to see many starfish, despite away snorkeling. You will find a number of all of them sitting in the shallow-water near the seashore.

It’s seashore for witnessing the dawn and sundown, depending on the full time of year. You will find in addition numerous swings and a pier the spot you can stay and unwind.

Pantai Poganda Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Poganda Seashore

Pantai Poganda Beach

The pier at Pantai Poganda


• retain in one time In Peleng

After investing all the time sightseeing, we moved once more to Leme Leme and invested another night regarding the Novpitri Homestay.

Earlier than gonna mattress, we arranged a driver with a van for sightseeing thereafter using united states to Salakan the next time.

The connected charge would be 850k Rupiah (with petrol and motorist) to just take united states onto Salakan, or 1.2 million Rupiah going check-out two caverns in southwest Peleng sooner than gonna Salakan. We determined to begin to see the caverns!

Banggai Itinerary Day 3: Caves & Salakan

• Driving toward Caves

Our motorist Anto came across united states at 6:30 in the early morning thereafter we started our time trip. Very first, we necessary to renew on petrol, which took about 45 moments since we’d a difficult time finding an area which was available this very early.

The trip to your caverns is a scenic drive with mountains, jungles, hand woodlands, and sea views. This worried about 5 hours of operating — 2 hours to your caverns, thereafter 3 hours to Salakan — therefore we was indeed totally pleased to stay a automobile alternatively of a scooter.

As we come upon, the Peleng roadways tend to be paved nonetheless they’re damaged in many areas. You could do so with a scooter, nonetheless i’dn’t advise it except you might have some expertise.

The best time for you {photograph} the caverns is the early morning, once the solar power does work. We got to your major cave (Gua Susendeng) at 9 AM, which had been exceptional.

Green Lizard On A Tree

Inexperienced lizard


• Gua Susendeng

The major cave we went to had been Gua Susendeng, a shallow limestone cave with a excessive roof and a blue share regarding the rear. To ultimately achieve the cave through the spot we parked regarding the main highway, it absolutely was a 10-15 moment downhill walk on a grassy course.

The walk down is straightforward, nonetheless going once more is a little stronger as a consequence of it is all uphill and there’s no tone to flee the solar power. When you are getting to your lips associated with the cave, there’s a concrete staircase in great circumstance that goes down seriously to the blue share.

The color associated with the liquid is superb therefore might-be enjoyable to swim below. Our motorist claimed the cave was investigated by scuba scuba divers, and there’s evidently an underwater tunnel at least 200 yards long!

Gua Susendeng Cave Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Gua Susendeng

Gua Susendeng

Contained inside cave

Gua Susendeng Cave Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Blue share


• Gua Bab’banang

From the principal cave, it is exclusively a ten moment drive to your after cave, which can be called Gua Bab’banang. After that, there’s a short 5-10 moment walk because of the woodland, the spot you can see many blue-tailed lizards basically the right shiny inexperienced lizards.

Gua Bab’banang is good for video footage, specifically while you’re desiring straight down at it from overhead. There’s a concrete staircase that would go to underneath associated with the cave. Water below had been even more blue compared to the major cave! It’s beautiful.

Sadly the residents have previously built an unsightly tangible bathroom proper because of the lips associated with the cave, and there was clearly a great deal of rubbish in the woodland also. Ideally using the increased interest from tourism, they’ll possess some inspiration to keep up this room evident. The cave it self might be good!

Gua Babbanang Cave Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Gua Bab’banang

Gua Babbanang Cave Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Wonderful tints at Gua Bab’banang


• Drive To Salakan

After we got attained regarding the caverns, it absolutely was a 3 time drive to your town of Salakan. We hoped to stop for meal along the way by which there, nonetheless we performedn’t see a thing that appeared beneficial, therefore we determined to wait and possess a late meal in Salakan.

• retain in one time In Salakan

We invested one night in Salakan. It’s a tiny town with exclusively 2,000 people, nonetheless there are certain comfortable hotels and dining establishments from which to choose.

We remained at Wisma Sidapore Teluk Bayur, which had obvious A/C areas and no-cost morning meal. Different alternatives tend to be Wisma Sidapore Jalur Dua (had because of the identical people) or Wisma Alfrend Salakan.

You also can make a reserving with some of those hotels through WhatsApp. They’re going to in addition prepare a scooter leasing, or a automobile and motorist.

Banggai Itinerary Day 4: Salakan To Banggai Laut

• Bone Pompon Seashore

For our 4th time in Banggai, we employed a driver from Salakan to just take united states to numerous seashores thereafter fall united states regarding the harbor in Tobing therefore we might check-out our subsequent holiday spot, Banggai Laut area. This time around the charge had been 800k Rupiah when it comes to vehicle, motorist, and petrol.

The major seashore we went to had been called Bone Pompon, therefore had been a 30 small drive from Salakan. At Pompon, you can lease a tiny vessel to attend numerous concealed seashores, as well as somewhat key area called Pulo Tambun, which includes a white sand seashore.

Nevertheless, we’d experienced a rush to arrive at our subsequent seashore (Mandel) given that it’s one of the many places which has started to get viral on social media marketing.

Pantai Bone Pompon Beach

Bone Pompon Seashore


• Mandel Seashore

Mandel Seashore is a white sand seashore higher than a kilometer long, therefore’s it’s quite likely the absolute most beautiful seashore in every of main Sulawesi.

This seashore features extraordinarily white sand and turquoise liquid. Even though it is exclusively a-1 time drive from Salakan, we exclusively noticed two various people indeed there! It absolutely was superb to possess the whole thing to ourselves. We expected that it is crowded like Paisu Pok, nonetheless given that it’s much more durable to achieve, i really believe which has saved the crowds of people away.

It’s an attractive seashore and I also wish it cann’t become overdeveloped. There clearly was some trash regarding the seashore, therefore we stuffed two tiny luggage with rubbish and tipped our motorist for offering to eradicate it around town.

Pantai Mandel Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Mandel Seashore is one of the beautiful seashores in the Banggai countries.

Pantai Mandel Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

White sand at Mandel Seashore


• Bone Uluno Abason Seashore

The 3rd seashore we went to had been called Bone Uluno Abason, therefore had been a 30 small drive from Mandel. It’s a protracted seashore with brown sand.

This had been a nice seashore, nonetheless there was clearly rubbish atlanta divorce attorneys solitary spot. It absolutely was unsatisfied to see. This might sporadically have already been partially because of the wet-season, as a consequence of I’ve seen video footage with this seashore the spot there was clearly no rubbish whatsoever, so that your expertise could fluctuate depending on as you get.

Pantai Bone Uluno Abason Beach

Drone picture of Bone Uluno Abason Seashore


• Boat To Banggai Laut

After we’d already been attained witnessing seashores, we drove another time to your harbor in Tobing, the perfect area to have a ship change to Banggai Laut area. Another option may be the harbor in Kalumbatan, however it surely’s dearer.

From Tobing, it is simple to have a ship visit to Banggai Laut. The connected charge had been 80k per person as a consequence of we shared it with 4 residents and their particular youths. The last provided vessel goes at 5 PM, then when you provide up later on than which you could need to spend additional to constitution a ship.

The vessel travel is protected and comfortable, and exclusively takes Quarter-hour to arrive at Banggai Laut. It’s a tiny speedboat nonetheless there’s plenty of space for luggage.

• in one single time In Banggai Laut

once you get to Banggai Laut, you will find hotels and dining establishments inside strolling length through the harbor.

We remained at Lodge Banggai, that has been somewhat high priced by Indonesian needs, however it definitely had been comfortable together with no-cost morning meal. The owner Refly had been extraordinarily type and helpful for each element of our carry on the area, to ensure that had been a huge extra.

One various other great chance is Batara Visitor Home, which can be a little less expensive basically features morning meal.

Banggai Itinerary Day 5: Banggai Laut

• Bontolan Seashore

We predicted dangerous roadways in Banggai Laut, nonetheless certainly practically each highway regarding the area is paved as well as in great circumstance. There are many high roadways while you’re increasing or down a hill, nonetheless absolutely nothing also loopy.

The major spot we moved had been Bontolan Seashore, which can be merely Quarter-hour from town. The seashore is typically not extremely excellent above-water, however it surely’s a fantastic area for snorkeling. You could see the right seafood types below, alongside the endemic Banggai cardinalfish, which exclusively life in the Banggai archipelago.

Pantai Bontolan Beach

Bontolan Seashore


• Oyama Seashore

Oyama Seashore is a nice small white sand seashore on Banggai Laut that will exclusively be achieved by-boat, though it is a short and easy travel which takes ten full minutes or a lot less.

You may lease a ship motorist from both Lokotoy or Popisi town in north Laut, together with general worth is scarcely 50-150k Rupiah when it comes to return trip. Our vessel had been tiny nonetheless held 7 people, which means you would try to engage in other individuals and break-up the charge.

Oyama features an individual sense, and great turquoise liquid. When you’re looking in the wood there are numerous colourful inexperienced lizards, and a boardwalk that causes a mangrove woodland behind the seashore.

Pantai Oyama Beach

Drone picture of Oyama Seashore

Pantai Oyama Beach

Oyama Seashore from above


• Lambangan Pauno Seashore

It is a great seashore near the future airport in Banggai Laut. It’s unusual as a consequence of it’s a pure stone arch, that you can exclusively achieve at reasonable wave, therefore’s in addition a fantastic area for dawn photos.

• Tanjung Gundul

Tanjung Gundul is an attention-grabbing small cove and seashore that is exclusively available by-boat. The beginning range is Pasir Putih town, together with vessel travel takes about Quarter-hour.

Tanjung Gundul might-be one of many vital unique seashores in Indonesia, with white pebbles alternatively of sand, and a huge stone arch that is already been created from limestone because of the wind and waves. It jogged my memory associated with the white pebble seashores in Kefalonia, Greece.

A brief trip below with an individual vessel starts at 150k Rupiah going indeed there and once more, and you’ll aswell blend it with a chance to to your Teluk Lalong lagoon talked-about beneath. Whenever you share a ship with a bunch, might do so less expensive. Local visitors usually get in the early morning, to ensure could be your best estimate for revealing.

Tanjung Gundul Sea Arch Drone Banggai Laut Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Drone picture of Tanjung Gundul

Tanjung Gundul Beach White Pebbles Banggai Laut Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

The unique white pebble seashore at Tanjung Gundul


• Teluk Lalong

There’s a nice lagoon just an instant length far from Tanjung Gundul, which means you’ll have the ability to check-out each areas inside identical vessel trip.

The Teluk Lalong lagoon features shiny blue and inexperienced liquid. You could see seafood and red coral in the lagoon, and then we also noticed a-sea turtle, though i’dn’t advise cycling in the lagoon as a consequence of the residents instructed united states you will find crocodiles.

Teluk Lalong Lagoon Boat

Teluk Lalong lagoon

Teluk Lalong Lagoon Drone

Drone picture associated with the blue and inexperienced lagoon


• Kelapa Lima Seashore

Kelapa Lima is a distant seashore with hand wood and high limestone high cliffs. It’s a nice seashore, therefore had been bare even as we went to. The subject indicates 5 coconut seashore.

This had been the main one area in Banggai Laut the spot we thought like we certainly required a automobile. The highway had been extremely hard therefore’s problematic with a scooter, if you’ll have the ability to none the less do so.

Afterwards, we moved once more to town and remained another night on Banggai Laut area.

Pantai Kelapa Lima Beach

Kelapa Lima Seashore

Pantai Kelapa Lima Beach Drone

Drone picture of Kelapa Lima Seashore


Banggai Itinerary Day 6: Mbuang-Mbuang Island

• Boat Journey To Mbuang-Mbuang

Among the most effective areas to attend near to Banggai Laut may be the area of Mbuang-Mbuang, which can be about 80 kilometers to your southeast.

There tend to be a number of good problems to see on Mbuang area, however it surely’s not to simple to have indeed there, especially if the environment is undesirable, favor it absolutely was for people. We necessary to miss currently trip as a consequence of the environment merely had beenn’t superb in December.

You gets indeed there with a public steady vessel, which can be inexpensive and relatively protected, however it definitely takes about 7-8 hours a way. The exact opposite chance will be do just about every day trip with an individual speedboat, which takes about 2 hours every strategy, however it surely’s additional environment reliant as the vessel is smaller.

The speedboat is rather high priced (at least 2.5 million Rupiah), however it surely’s even more convenient compared to the public vessel, therefore might be cost-effective when you yourself have colleagues to generally share the charge.

• Pasir Panjang Seashore

That may be the major seashore regarding the town of Mbuang-Mbuang. You could walk onto this white sand seashore through the town, therefore it’s easy to entry when you are getting indeed there.

• Paisu Batongan Jellyfish Lake

The greatest destination on Mbuang-Mbuang area is a lake the spot you can swim with stingless jellyfish! Because of the remoteness, it is none the less never as effortlessly described as many of the various jellyfish ponds in Indonesia.

There are a couple of completely different kinds of jellyfish in the pond, and every tend to be innocent to individuals. It in addition has many seafood with it, alongside the endemic Banggai cardinalfish.

• Palanggang Seashore

It is a tiny concealed seashore near the Mbuang town that is imagined to-be advantageous to snorkeling. it is maybe not taken out of the town or Pasir Panjang seashore, nevertheless you continue steadily to desire a ship to achieve it.

• Popisi Hill

There’s a nice view below called Bukit Popisi, the spot you can see numerous countries unfold on the sea. It’s type of just like the views in Raja Ampat, Sombori, or Ang Thong Thailand. The hike to your greatest provides about 10-Quarter-hour.

• Pingo Seashore

It is a long seashore with white sand regarding the eastern facet of Mbuang area. It’s enclosed by limestone mountains, so that the one way of get there might be by-boat.

• in one single time In Banggai Laut

whenever you go to Mbuang area on just about every day trip with a speedboat, you can maintain the night once more in Banggai Laut yet again, the spot there are numerous hotels.

In some other situation, when you’re as well as a gradual vessel, there’s only one destination to stay in the Mbuang-Mbuang town therefore’s a truly major guesthouse that has dishes.

Banggai Itinerary Day 7: come back to Luwuk

• Ferry From Banggai Laut To Luwuk

After you receive attained witnessing all in Banggai Laut, the main one way of get once more to Luwuk is through vessel.

The ferry from Banggai Laut to Luwuk goes daily at 1 PM (or 2 PM if it is tardy), thereafter your way takes about 8 hours. The vessel is huge and protected, and relatively comfortable. The sea had been somewhat wavy in certain places however it definitely had been mainly peaceful.

The pass worth is 130k Rupiah per person, when you spend one more 200k you can rent somewhat space for just two people, with bunk-beds and A/C. Our space had been freezing chilly, however it definitely had been advisable that you have an area to leisure in private regarding the long vessel travel.

• in one single time In Luwuk

once you get to Luwuk, there are numerous dining establishments and hotels the spot you can spend night.

Low expense hotels in Luwuk embody Ayana Homestay, RedDoorz RSUD, and RedDoorz Plus Syariah. You will find in addition numerous extortionate finish hotels like Swiss-Belinn, Lodge Santika, and Estrella Lodge.

We remained at Lodge Kota, which had a nice security of consolation and cost. The worth had been 345k Rupiah per night for an A/C space with no-cost morning meal.

Banggai Itinerary Day 8: Waterfalls

• Piala Waterfall

Among the most effective problems to see near to Luwuk may be the Piala Waterfall, which can be a huge turquoise waterfall with numerous cascades, situated correct outside of town. The drive exclusively takes about Quarter-hour.

This one jogged my memory a small amount of the popular Kuang Si Falls in Laos, which in addition features turquoise colored liquid and many individual cascades and pure pools the spot you can swim.

This waterfall remains mainly as yet not known to worldwide visitors, nonetheless plenty of residents get indeed there, when you need to defeat the crowds of people it’s recommended going in the early morning, preferably on a weekday!

Learn additional: Greatest Waterfalls In Indonesia

Air Terjun Piala Waterfall Luwuk Banggai Islands Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Piala Waterfall in Luwuk, Sulawesi

Air Terjun Piala Waterfall Luwuk Banggai Islands Sulawesi Indonesia

Shut up view of Piala Waterfall. It’s advantageous to swimming!

Air Terjun Piala Waterfall Luwuk

One of numerous smaller falls at Piala


• Laumarang Waterfall

It is a moment waterfall near to Piala, therefore’s accessed because of the identical highway, nonetheless it’s recommended going a little further together with highway can become extremely hard.

You gets to Laumarang by mountaineering through the parking room at Piala, however it definitely takes at least one hour when it comes to roundtrip. They’re involved on bettering the roadways below, therefore ideally rapidly there’ll be greater entry.

whenever you hike earlier Laumarang, there’s in addition a nice and enormous 3rd waterfall called Akar Darah.

Black Lizard

Lizard near the waterfalls


• Dendengan Waterfall

Dendengan Waterfall is just one various other area near to Luwuk, just a 20 moment drive through the airport or 40 moments from town. it is quite extensive and easy to achieve, with a paved highway completely by which to your falls.

Sadly the waterfall had been dried-up even as we moved during the early December, nevertheless the video footage I’ve seen from various events associated with the yr appearance great.

• Kamumu Waterfall

That is just one various other turquoise waterfall that is situated northeast of Luwuk. It’s good nevertheless you’ll manage to’t drive completely by which to your falls, therefore it needs a small amount of mountaineering.

• Salodik Waterfall

That may be the last waterfall we went to in the Luwuk room, therefore’s about 40 moments through the town center. The highway is nice and there’s plenty of parking.

Salodik is a nice waterfall with a number of numerous cascades, however it surely’s extremely overdeveloped.

They’ve switched it straight into a small amount of a concrete forest, unfortunately, with many unsightly structures through the entire falls. It absolutely was a little distracting making it hard to profit through the pure environments associated with the spot.

Air Terjun Salodik Waterfall

Salodik Waterfall

Air Terjun Salodik Waterfall

The reduce drops


• in one single time In Luwuk

We remained another night at Lodge Kota in Luwuk.

Banggai Itinerary Day 9: Pulau Dua

• Pulau Dua

Pulau Dua is a scenic small area that you could check-out on just about every day trip from Luwuk, with high mountains and a stairway you can hike to your greatest associated with the area. The landscapes seems somewhat little bit like Padar area in Komodo, therefore’s in addition a wonderful location for snorkeling.

From Luwuk, it is a 2.5 time drive thereafter a 15 small vessel visit to reach Pulau Dua area. The vessel worth is 200k to 300k Rupiah each day for the whole vessel, therefore they’ll carry you through the entire area anywhere you will need to get.

• in one single time In Luwuk

Spend your last night in Luwuk sooner than getting a flight to Makassar or Manado, thereafter onwards towards subsequent holiday spot.

Alternatively, you can lease a driver in Luwuk to just take you to definitely Ampana, the spot you can get a ship going go right to the Togean countries thereafter discover Gorontalo in north Sulawesi.

5-Day Banggai isles Itinerary

whenever you’re limited promptly in Banggai, you can certainly do almost all of the shows much like the pond, seashores, and waterfalls in four to five times.

Right right here’s exactly what a shorter schedule for Banggai might look like:

  • Day 1. get to Luwuk. Use the three PM ferry from Luwuk to Salakan (4 hours) thereafter retain in one time in Salakan.
  • Day 2. Seashores. Drive 2 hours from Salakan to your southeast harbor in Kalumbatan and just take an easy speedboat travel to Oyama Seashore and once more. A short while later, drive overland to Mandel Seashore and Pompon Seashore sooner than going back to Salakan to expend the night.
  • Day 3. Lake. Drive from Salakan to western Peleng (2.5 to 3 hours) thereafter check-out Paisu Pok Lake, Paisu Batango, and Poganda Seashore. Retain in one time in Leme Leme near the harbor.
  • Day 4. Come Back To Luwuk. Use the 8 was vessel from Leme Leme once more to Luwuk (2 to 3 hours), thereafter get see Piala Waterfall together with opposing waterfalls near to Luwuk town. Retain in one time in Luwuk.
  • Day 5. go-away Luwuk. Travel out of the airport to Makassar or Manado, or continue overland to Ampana to attend the Togean countries and north Sulawesi.
Colorful Seashells

Colourful seashells at Tanjung Gundul

Pantai Mandel Beach Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

One various other view of Mandel Seashore


Map of the most useful problems to accomplish In Banggai

Right right here’s a map of many of the best problems to accomplish in the Banggai room. Places tend to be marked in blue, hotels in yellow, harbors in inexperienced, and airports in red.

Bear in your mind the Banggai room remains extremely not used to tourism and then we performedn’t reach see all, so are there unquestionably additional concealed treasures prepared be found about this room when you’re looking. That’s the absolute most enjoyable one half!


Banggai journey Information connections

After we went to Banggai, we booked our private hotels basically arranged our private transportation (motorists, ships, and motorcycles), usually with some little bit of help from our hotels. My partner is Indonesian, to ensure that made problems instead plenty easier.

whenever you’re exclusively intending to check-out Paisupok Lake and various problems near to Luwuk, after that a trip is not in fact desired during my view.

Nevertheless, if you want to go right to the caverns, seashores, etc in Banggai and you also don’t converse Bahasa, it might actually be helpful to have a neighborhood trip information who is able to prepare all available. Allow me to share the right connections for the:

  • Michael Wagey – free-lance trip information based mostly in Salakan on Peleng area. Mick does private trips basically month-to-month provided trips in Banggai. He’s the principal one which popularized the Banggai countries, along with his viral Instagram articles have actually impressed many individuals to attend.

    Despite the reality that we performedn’t do a trip with Mick, he had been invaluable giving answers to concerns for people, and then he had been effective at put united states touching a driver in Salakan to just take united states to your seashores thereafter fall united states regarding the harbor to attend Banggai Laut. You could get in touch with Mick Wagey by WhatsApp at ☎ +62 813-4201-5440 or on his Instagram website.

  • Acho Akina Chowji – free-lance trip information in the Banggai room. You could get in touch with him by WhatsApp at ☎ +62 822-9374-8745 or on his Instagram website.
  • Butros Galileo Delim – free-lance trip information based mostly in Peleng area. You could get in touch with him on his Instagram website.
  • TripBanggai – Tour company in Banggai. You could get in touch with all of them by WhatsApp at ☎ +62 811-433-7690 or on their Instagram website.
  • HV Journey – Tour company that usually does available trips to Banggai if you want to share a trip. You could get in touch with all of them by WhatsApp at ☎ +62 821-5942-7772 or on their Instagram website.
Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok Drone

Drone picture associated with the incredibly blue Paisu Pok Lake.

Underwater Blue Snorkeling Trees

Underwater chance in the lake


Banggai Driver connections

  • Boni – Taxi motorist based mostly in Luwuk. They can change you against the airport or harbor towards lodge in Luwuk, or the other way around. You Could get in touch with him by WhatsApp at ☎ +62 853-8562-5578.
  • Anto Unus – Driver with a van based mostly in Leme Leme on Peleng area. The Novpitri Homestay place united states touching him, and then he drove united states to your caverns thereafter to Salakan. You could get in touch with him by phone at ☎ +62 822-7855-7858 or on his Instagram website.
Gua Babbanang Cave Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary

Blue share at Gua Bab’banang cave


Different Tips For Banggai

  • Airports: currently the main one airport in the Banggai room may be the one out of Luwuk (LUW), which includes many routes from Makassar and Manado. They’re in addition involved on an airport in Banggai Laut, to ensure should open newer and more effective trip customers with regards to’s finished.
  • Roads: The roadways tend to be mainly great in Luwuk and Banggai Laut. The dangerous roadways we experienced was indeed in Peleng area, though it is none the less fine with a scooter in the event that you already know just exactly what you’re performing.
  • Language Barrier: The residents in Banggai can scarcely converse English, which room remains extremely not used to global tourism, therefore it’s a great advice to acquire a translator software for interaction.
  • Meals: Banggai is not Bali, nonetheless we in no way had hassle finding great areas to consume, and a great deal of the hotels had their unique restaurant menus. Luwuk features a KFC and Pizza Hut around town in the event that you become lacking western dishes.
  • Apps: you should employ the GoJek software for taxi trips and dishes provide in Luwuk, nonetheless many people utilize a neighborhood software called Draiv, which includes many of the identical choices. This software in addition works in Banggai Laut.
  • Electrical power: You’ll have actually 24/7 electricity in every the important urban centers in Banggai like Luwuk, Salakan, and Banggai Laut. In remote areas like Leme Leme and Mbuang Mbuang, energy sources are by generator exclusively. They’ll usually flip it on from round 6 PM to six was.
  • Cell provider: we’d great 3G/4G indication with Telkomsel atlanta divorce attorneys solitary invest Luwuk, Peleng, and Banggai Laut besides whereas operating because of the mountains and these types of.
  • WiFi: remarkably, we’d functional WiFi at each and every lodge the spot we remained in Luwuk, Peleng, and Banggai Laut. The only exemption had been regarding the homestay in Leme Leme, the spot our space had been from fluctuate associated with the WiFi link. Whenever you go to Mbuang Mbuang area, don’t be determined by any WiFi indeed there both.
  • Malaria: centered on this Lancet examine from 2018, Malaria was greatly decreased in the Banggai room, nonetheless it could none the less be present somewhat. I would err regarding the facet of caution and do all you can to protect on your own from mosquito bites. We performedn’t just take Malaria prophylactics.
Pantai Pasir Putih Beach

The seashore at Pasir Putih town on Banggai Laut

Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok Paddleboard Banggai Islands Luwuk Sulawesi Indonesia Travel Guide Itinerary Paisu Pok Lake Paisupok

Paddleboarding at Lake Paisu Pok


when you should go right to the Banggai Islands

Like the majority of Indonesia, time for you to go right to the Banggai countries is normally in the dried out period, from April to November. The environment is additional bright and conditions tend to be milder and cooler.

We seen Banggai in the wet-season (very early December), nevertheless the rainfall had been exclusively at night therefore in no way precipitated problematic for the trip. Nonetheless, whenever you intend to check-out Mbuang-Mbuang island then sea crossing could be harder currently of yr.

A several waterfalls in the Luwuk room start to dry out circular September or October, and they also keep that strategy till the biggest market of the wet-season (usually January or February), nevertheless the Piala Waterfall is nice all year. It had many liquid even as we went to during the early December, although environment round Luwuk had been none the less relatively dried out right now.

Paisu Pok Lake is nice in almost any thirty days associated with the year. Merely try to avoid breaks and vacations because it will get extremely crowded right now. Sunny times tend to be best for witnessing the color and readability associated with the pond.

Blue Tailed Lizard Skink

Blue tailed lizard


Extra Indonesia Journey Tips

Thanks for desiring! I am hoping you enjoyed this trip information for checking out Luwuk together with Banggai isles in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Don’t fail to see my complete information for Paisupok Lake for additional tips and photos of Banggai’s many popular destination.

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